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Please contact us if you have any questions about using the Cellcrusher tissue pulverizer for cell or tissue lysis.

The Cellcrusher

cell disruption deviceThe Cellcrusher tissue pulverizer reduces most tissues to a fine, easily recoverable powder.

Its curved surfaces are designed for fast easy cleaning and effective cell disruption.

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Drill-bit tissue lysis tool

Particularly difficult samples (eg. skin, seeds) can be completely reduced with the drill-bit accessory.

This tool is used with a household drill and the Cellcrusher cryogenic tissue pulverizer.

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The Spiral Mill

bead beater fungus glassThe Spiral Mill is designed for disruption of tough microorganisms such as yeast and fungus. 

The device breaks 1g – 6g wet weight samples, a sample size often cultured in conical flasks.

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