Tissue pulverizer liquid nitrogen

The Cellcrusher TM

Pulverize samples in liquid nitrogen

Easy sample recovery

Ergonomic design

No awkward freezer-gloves needed!

Cryogenic tissue pulverizer . . . . . . . . . . $675 . . . . . . . . . Free worldwide shipping

Tissue pulverizer liquid nitrogenfrozen sample recovery

"The Popsicle"

Crush and recover tiny samples

(2 mg to 40 mg)

Recover the sample frozen inside a

"popsicle" of buffer on a pipette tip

The frozen hemisphere fits neatly

into a 1.5ml tube

Mini cryogenic tissue pulverizer . . . . . . . . . $925 . . . . . . . . Free worldwide shipping

cellcrusher drill bit

Drill-bit accessory

Optional, used with the Cellcrusher

Fits into a household drill

For very tough samples, seeds etc

Effective for yeast and fungi

Drill-bit accessory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 . . . . . . . . . Free worldwide shipping

cellcrusher video

Watch our workflow video

Simple, innovative devices for fast, effective cell disruption.
Our cryogenic tissue pulverizer for breaking cells in
liquid nitrogen is ergonomic and easy to use.

cell disruption device

The Cellcrusher

The Cellcrusher tissue pulverizer reduces most tissues to a fine, easily recoverable powder.

Its curved surfaces are designed for fast easy cleaning and effective cell disruption.

The sample size range is 20 mg to 5 g.

cryogenic cell disruption


The Cellcrusher-mini allows the recovery of small samples inside a frozen “popsicle” of buffer.

With six chambers, each only 8 mm wide, this tissue pulverizer offers unparalleled efficiency when crushing and recovering tiny samples.

The sample size range is 2 mg to 40 mg.

liquid nitrogen cell disruption video

Cellcrusher video

This step-by-step video demonstrates the Cellcrusher workflow.

cell grinder

Drill bit

Particularly difficult samples (eg. skin, seeds) are completely reduced with the drill-bit accessory.

This tool is used with a household drill and the Cellcrusher cryogenic tissue pulverizer.

Curved surfaces,
easy to use

Simple cell disruption

The Cellcrusher tissue pulverizer’s curved surfaces facilitate easy sample recovery and cleaning.  The ergonomic design of the device and accessories allow for manipulation of the device at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Previously, cell disruption with other pulverizers involved loss of valuable sample and use of awkward freezer gloves, due to right-angled surfaces and other design shortcomings.

The Cellcrusher can be cleaned at liquid nitrogen temperatures, saving the time and effort needed to warm, clean and subsequently re-cool an extremely cold metal object.

Responding to demand from customers who process a lot of very small (2 mg to 40 mg) samples, we have developed the Cellcrusher-mini.  Its patent-pending design means that samples are recovered inside a frozen “popsicle” of buffer on a pipette tip.  This frozen hemisphere of buffer fits neatly into a 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube, for quick and easy storage.

We also offer a drill bit accessory which is used with the tissue pulverizer and a household drill.  This accessory is employed for difficult tissue lysis tasks such as zebrafish embryo lysis, seed disruption or yeast lysis.

Therefore, we are confident that the Cellcrusher is the best cryogenic tissue pulverizer on the market.