Q.1. What are your shipping policies?

Cellcrusher provides free worldwide shipping.  Our depot in Portland, Oregon ships to customers in the United States, while our depot in Ireland services the rest of the world.

Q.2. Do you accept purchase orders from universities?

We do accept university purchase orders.

Q.3. What size is the Cellcrusher chamber?

It has a diameter of 32 mm and a depth of 42 mm.

Q.4. What sample size can be disrupted in the Cellcrusher?

The effective capacity is 10 mg – 5 g, if used to pulverize lumps of tissue.  When the drill-bit is used to disrupt micro-organisms, such as yeast, it has an effective capacity of 10 g.

Q.5. Do I need the drill-bit for my sample types?

The drill-bit accessory is used for two main tissue types;

(a) Very tough, often dry samples that are not fully disrupted by impact pulverization.  Samples that contain water (such as cartilage) are extremely  brittle when frozen with liquid nitrogen and are quickly and effectively disrupted by impact.  Dry samples, such as seeds or bark benefit from grinding with the drill-bit after initial pulverization, because they are less brittle.

(b) Micro-organisms for which low temperature disruption is necessary, to preserve labile components such as delicate proteins or RNA.