tissue pulverizer liquid nitrogen

A novel approach to recovering small samples

The patent pending design of the Cellcrusher-mini allows for the easy recovery of small samples (2 mg to 40 mg) inside a frozen “popsicle” of buffer.  This neatly combines the sometimes difficult tasks of collecting miniscule quantities of frozen dust and transferring it into a storage tube before it melts.

With six chambers, each only 8 mm wide, this tissue pulverizer offers unparalleled efficiency when crushing and recovering tiny samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

To avoid potential confusion, the top edge of the device is notched, so it is impossible to lose track of which sample is which.

The Cellcrusher-mini comes with a set of accessories suited to its dimensions, including a small mallet, angled needle-nosed pliers and a sturdy mini-spatula for chamber cleaning.  These items are chosen with ergonomics as a key focus.

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