Tissue pulverizer video

This step-by-step video demonstrates the Cellcrusher workflow.

The curved surfaces of the device allow for effective sample recovery and cleaning at liquid nitrogen temperatures.  The Cellcrusher is can be used to pulverize a wide sample size range (10 mg to 5 g), which is  possible because of these curved surfaces.  This shape is particularly important when recovering small samples.  A key problem when attempting to use generic tissue pulverizers is the fact that at the end of the crushing process, the sample is powdered and frozen.  If it melts during recovery, it may be lost or damaged.

As can be seen in the video, when using the Cellcrusher, even tiny samples can be recovered as frozen powder and quickly and easily transferred to dissolution buffer.  Subsequently, the device can be easily cleaned dry at liquid nitrogen temperatures and is ready for the next sample in approximately one minute.

This workflow demonstration can be watched directly on YouTube (Tissue Pulverizer).